Toronto Motorcycle Show Announces MX Stars of Tomorrow Program - Apply to Participate

The Toronto Motorcycle Show and The Parts Canada TransCan at Walton Raceway have partnered together to showcase the MX Stars of Tomorrow program at the 2011 Toronto Motorcycle Show, December 9th to 11th, taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The MX Stars of Tomorrow program will feature six selected racers.
Each racer will have the opportunity to promote themselves in their very own 10x10 booth space. Participants will also meet with many key motorcycle industry personal, while learning the fundamentals of marketing, sponsorship, nutrition, training and self-promotion.

As part of the MX Stars of Tomorrow program there will be several guest speakers, speaking during a seminar about sponsorship, marketing, nutrition, training and self-promotion. This seminar will take place Sunday, December 11th at 10:00am. This seminar is open to the public, as we encourage and welcome all motorcycle racers, families and enthusiasts to attend.

If you are interested in participating as a MX Star of Tomorrow, please send your racing resume to Mark Perrin of MPI Sport Management at mark@mpisportmanagement.com, or call 519 384 1067 for more information.

We would also like to present the opportunity for all motorcycle industries companies to become involved with the MX Stars of Tomorrow program. As part of this experience, you are welcomed to showcase your product line to the MX Stars of Tomorrow participants, while offering the participants sponsorship opportunities to apply to knowledge learned during this program.

We would like to thank Scott-Sport and MXP Magazine for assisting in the MX Stars of Tomorrow program already, MXP Magazine will be offering a ΒΌ page advertisement to each participant to promote themselves in an upcoming issue of MXP.

For additional information about the Toronto Motorcycle Show please visit our website at: http://www.torontomotorcycleshow.ca
. For The Parts Canada TransCan see http://www.partscanadatranscan.ca .


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