Motocross to Mud - Jaelie goes from pageant to Mud

In 2015, Jaelie started riding! She was 4yrs old from Douglas GA. Jaelie aka Jae finished a few races in Alma GA series on her PW 50. We put her on a KTM 50 Senior where she got herself some mad whiskey-throttle! She stopped riding that day. She didn''t even want to get back on her own PW 50 sometimes getting back on the dirt bike is hard after crashing.

In the mean-time, she asked to do a PAGEANT! What do we know about pageants? Nothing that what! So, all the more reason to give it a shot! She has been participating in pageants for a little over a year; has even gotten the highest title of Grand Supreme! We are headed to her 1st National Level pageant Feb 2018! Our family goes to dirt bike practices on Saturday, we camp-out at the track, then we get up on Sunday to roll hair & go to pageants! She''s the #DirtbikeDeeva!!!

LITERALLY, 1 year later, she tells us she wants to ride again! We are so excited! She is currently riding a PW 50 & racing the beginner class. She''s finished in the top 3 in the couple races she has been in. We are on the prowl for a bigger, better bike because she''s finally tall enough! She wants to "pass the boys & get the big trophy", her words! She wants to race, just like her big brother Bodie & Daddy!! She wants to keep riding & keep doing pageants, because girls CAN! Bring on the #MakeUpToMud!!

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