Brian Deegan

Brian Deegan biography


City: Temecula

State: California

Height: 5'9

Weight: 170


Bio: 1997 Los Angeles Supercross - 1st place 1999 World Freestyle champ / Gravity Games Silver 2000 Gravity Games Gold 2000 Air MX Champ 2000 Bluetorch Ride and Slide FMX Champ 2002 Winter X Games Gold 2003 Featured Rider on Tony Hawk tour 2003 Summer X-Games Gold 2003 EXPN Rider of the year nominee First to land a 360 2004 ESPY award nominee Only rider to ride a custom WCC bike Hold the most medals in FMX X Games history: 10 medals Brian Deegan action figure, trading cards, and toy bike Frequently featured in Transworld MX and Racer X magazines. Appeared on both covers. Featured multiple times in FHM magazine Appears frequently on ESPN, ESPN2, Sports Center, ABC, NBC, OLN, and the discovery channel Stunts in the movies Fantastic Four Former owner of the most notorious FMX park: The Compound which he later sold to Nate Adams. At the 2007 X Games Deegan stated he sometimes regrets selling it. 2004 ESPN top 100 athlete of all sports 2005 Winter X Games Gold Medalist 2007 Winner Best Biography X Dance Action Sports Film Festival for Brian Deegan: Disposable Hero Awesome At DIRT Biking in the Game Freekstyle

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