A tail from the Dark Side - the darker side of motocross

No, this isn''t an article about Star Wars. This type of incident or scenario can happen to anybody and any sport, unfortunately. Below is a video of former professional motocross and supercross rider Mike Craig, the father of Christian Craig. We certainly don''t know all the details and more information will come fourth as time progresses. However, events like this and Christian Craig''s post can really hit home. It''s a really unpleasant situation and we wish the best for both Christian and Mike.

Thursday’s at GH #TGO

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Embarrassed to see a video going around of Mike Craig fighting with a kid. For the record, I have had nothing to do with him for years and am in no way associated with him. I would appreciate if everyone would stop telling/asking me about him. I’ve worked too damn hard to create a life for my family that I never had. ????

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