15 years old Treyton from North Platte - Nebraska

Treyton #22 is 15 years old from North Platte, Nebraska. He is getting ready to start his 4th year of racing motocross. Treyton initially started racing on a Kawasaki 65 and has moved up to an 85 with hopes of moving up this year to a 100.

After trying every sport possible motocross seemed to grab his passion more than any. Learning more technique, working harder, jumping further, and riding faster all while making lifelong friendships. Many people don''t understand the sport or realize how over all demanding this sports is. This sport helps in daily life of learning self disipline, self motivation, mental awareness and control in stressful moments, and how to keep your body in the best shape possible to being able to compete better every race. We love seeing how this sport has brought out the love and passion in Treyton as well as a perfect way for the whole family to spend quality time together!! Mom and dad could not be any prouder!!

-Moto Mom Alisha

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