11 years old Ashlyn from Nebraska

Ashlyn #77 is 11 years old. She is getting ready to start her 4th year racing motocross. Ashlyn''s motocross career started by winning a 1st place trophy in the peewee 50 class all while racing in a cast for 8 weeks after breaking her arm. Nothing was going to stand in her way or all of her hard work she had already put in the first half of the season. Not to mention whole shot queen on top of it all!!!! Love her being so well round from dance recitals, hair, nails, shopping, and makeup to mud!!!

Attached are 4 pictures and 1 video. The video is the first time she hit a double spanning 44 ft. Let me know if these are not okay quality and I can try to save them and send them a different way. This will be a great surprise for the kids. I will send a separate reply email with Treyton''s information for his online post as well.

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