Wiseco Announces 4-Stroke-To-2-Stroke Conversion Kits

Did you make the move to a 4-stroke, only to now miss the fun you had on your 2-stroke? Wiseco is proud to introduce their new 4-Stroke-To-2-Stroke conversion kits. After 5 years of extensive R&D, we have developed the ability to create custom 2-stroke cylinders, pistons, and heads that will bolt up to your stock 4-stroke bottom end. You can now have that brand new KX250 or CR250 you''ve been dreaming of!

The kits come complete with your new 2-stroke top end, reeds, carburetor, and air boot adapter.We have partnered up with popular exhaust companies to develop pipe and silencer adapter kits as well.

These kits will be available this spring. The kits will be released first for popular, newer model 4-stroke dirt bikes, and the applications offered will expand throughout the year.

April fools!
Thank you to those of you who thought we just might be capable enough to pull something like this off. Have a great April Fools Day!
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