Will FC Cincinnati have a supercross race in their new stadium

Since the city of Cincinnati approved the construction of a new stadium for FC Cincinnati which is currently in the United Soccer League (USL), but soon to join Major League Soccer (MLS), will they be having other events inside the new stadium besides soccer? In addition, what type of stadium is the new FC Cincinnati stadium going to be? Will the new stadium have a retractable dome like a lot of the newer stadiums that are being built throughout the United States? Probably not since most soccer stadiums are open. Unfortunately, this will be the 3rd open stadium for the city of Cincinnati with the other two being Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown stadium.

The new stadium for FC Cincinnati is more than likely going to be built on the site of Stargel Stadium in Cincinnati’s West End neighborhood, which is North West of both Great American Ball Park and Paul Brown stadium. Below is a video showing a possible design for the new FC Cincinnati and the location in Cincinnati’s West End.

FC Cincinnati unveils stadium design, 3 potential sites

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