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Revisiting the 1992 supercross finale at the Los Angeles Coliseum

Revisiting the 1992 supercross finale at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Damon Bradshaw ended up losing the title by only 3 points. What if Damon Bradshaw had not fallen during the March 21, 1992
incident at the RCA Dome in Indianapolis, Indiana? Surely he would have won the championship since he was only down by 3. Damon Bradshaw finished 19th on that night in Indianapolis.
Jeff Stanton, of Sherwood, Michigan not only won the race at Indianapolis, but he also took the championship away from Damon Bradshaw. After all, Damon Bradshaw had won 9 races during the season. A record during that time period.

1 Jeff Stanton Sherwood, MI 331
2 Damon Bradshaw Charlotte, NC 328
3 Jean Michel Bayle France 320
4 Mike Kiedrowski Canyon Country, CA 262
5 Guy Cooper Stillwater, OK 251
6 Mike LaRocco La Porte, IN 200
7 Larry Ward Woodinville, WA 192
8 Jeff Matiasevich La Habra Heights, CA 170
9 Doug Dubach Costa Mesa, CA 157
10 Jeff Emig Independence, MO 150

While Damon Bradshaw''s loss at the finale may be heartbreaking, we aall all relate to events in our lives where we have fallen short. Have you every nailed an interview only to receive the infamous and ubiquitous "thank you for taking the time..."? We all know just from reading a few sentences from the email that we didn''t ge the job. Did you miss out on the house of your dreams? Are you settling for the job you have now?
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