Loretta Lynns on NBCSN

The first highlight episode from the 2016 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship, presented by AMSOIL will premiere on NBC Sports Network this Sunday, Oct. 9 at 4:00pm ET. Focusing on the event that took place August 1-6, race fans and television viewers from across the country will be able to understand the level of dedication and hard work that goes into competing at the pinnacle of amateur motocross.

Loretta Lynn''s on NBCSN

While this year marks the twelfth year of the AMA Amateur National being featured on cable television, the show will honor the 35th annual event. An interview with Bradley Taft will ultimately result in the crowning of his 250 A National Championship. Seven-time Loretta Lynn class champion, Tim Ferry makes his way back to the Ranch as he discusses the new generation of racing, and more specifically how his son Evan is following in his racing footsteps.

The Amateur National returns to NBCSN next Sunday, Oct. 16 at 5:30pm ET, for another premiere featuring highlights from all three Open Pro Sport motos in addition to the crowing of the champion and AMA Horizon Award winner Chase Sexton. The show will include a story on Women All-Star (16+) division and Hannah Hodges, in addition to a special feature on Austin Stroupe''s battle to return to compete at a top level.

Visit RacerTV.com anytime to watch over 40 hours of live racing competition streamed from the 2016 Amateur National. Stay tuned for the Loretta Lynn''s Remastered video series in the coming weeks that will cut each moto covered in the week-long event and remaster into it''s own video!

Please note that the time is subject to change due to Hurricane Matthew.
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