Happy fathers day from Denny Stephenson

I wanted to post this earlier but it was an old photograph and I left it at home over the weekend. Dad washing my bike at the 1988 Daytona. I was Team Green sponsored at the time, not factory, so we were parked out in the North 40. No fans. No media. Just a father and his 17 year old son chasing their dream of making it in supercross. I can't even begin to count the hours and money he (And my mom) invested in that dream. He never asked for anything in return. Just never quit on the track. Always try your hardest. And we'd really appreciate it if you could squeeze graduating high school in along the way. I laugh when people try to criticize a dad who answers a question about his son with "we". They attempt to say, "Who's we? It's your kid who's racing, not you pops." Clearly they never had a dad who sacrificed for their success. Well mine did. And I proudly say "we" when talking about my racing career. Because alone, I wouldn't have been shit without my dad pushing me. Picking me up from school everyday. Standing in the freezing cold or scorching heat while I busted out lap after lap on a motorcycle that was never less than absolutely perfect everytime I threw a leg over it. I worked hard because I wouldve been a fool to have given any less work or effort than he was giving me. So Happy Fathers Day Dad. Thank you for everything you have done for me over the past 46 years. I am proud to be my father's son. @donstephenson360 #love #respect

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