Eli Tomac discusses his strategy during the Las Vegas supercross finale

Eli Tomac won nine races during the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season. Without winning the Monster Energy Supercross title, he stands aside with Damon Bradshaw with winning the most races within a season without winning the title. How will this impact Eli for 2018? Bradshaw was never the same man.

Eli Tomac
“In my position I was like, ‘I can try and sprint away or try and bunch the pack up and wait for a mistake and see what can happen’.” explained Tomac. “When the pack tightens up there is nerves from the guys and bumping. That’s all I could do, I definitely wasn’t going to lay over for this thing and give it away. I fought as hard as I could. At the of the day people aren’t going to remember the race wins from me they are going to remember the title from Ryan, he was the better guy this year.

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