Dirt Wurx USA Back Stateside Following European Track-Building Tour

Rich Winkler & crew carve out a “Unadilla-size” MX track in the rolling glacial moraine of Hungary’s countryside, then craft a worthy indoor track for Sheffield SX

MONROE, N.Y., (Nov. 8, 2007) – The world’s premier motocross/supercross track designers and builders – Dirt Wurx USA – have returned to the United States after a successful track-building tour of Europe, including stops in Hungary and the UK.

On the cusp of the 2008 AMA Supercross Series opener in Anaheim (Calif.), Jan. 5th, Dirt Wurx USA president Rich Winkler and his crew took to the rolling grassy hills and loamy dirt of the Hungarian countryside nestled into the Pannonian Plain at a facility known a “Dirt Park” in Komlo, Hungary. And according to Winkler, once they were finished the facility owners and Dirt Wurx USA crew stood back and looked in awe at what they’d accomplished.

“It’s the biggest motocross track we’ve built – ever,” said Winkler, who’s been involved with MX track building since the 1970s. “At somewhere around 2.6 miles in length and with incredible natural terrain, including nearly 250’ of elevation changes, this track is bigger and badder than most US National tracks! Hoffman, and Peter, and Shoshi were great to work with. These guys really have a dream to build a facility like no other and their enthusiasm is boundless. We were really proud to be a part of this project.”

Working sun up to sun down with modern equipment in the former communist satellite country to Russia (since liberated in 1991), Winkler and his Dirt Wurx USA crew crafted the wide-open GP track in ten days, which also included building – from scratch - a second track, a full size supercross track, on the Komlo Dirt Park grounds. The painstaking process was well rewarded as all those in attendance congratulated Winkler and his crew by assuring them – in their best English – that Dirt Wurx USA had instantly made Komlo Dirt Park one of the premier MX/SX facilities in central Europe.

“We never thought that tracks in the United States are built so fast and with that level of genius,” said Komlo Dirt Park facility director, Peter Novak. “Dirt Wurx’s operators choose the best line with the DC5 dozer. What looks like a mess quickly becomes something amazing. And the supercross track they built shows us why they are considered to be the best in the business.”

After knocking off following the final day of work on the track, Novak and his Komlo Dirt Park partners Balazs Hoffman, Adreas Soos and Balint Fulop took Winkler and the Dirt Wurx USA crew on an ‘impromptu’ rally car ride when a buddy named “Notti” stopped by with a rally-inspired Lancia auto. This led to maybe the line of the week on Dirt Park’s website: “At the end a small bending failure happened, too. That made the night unforgettable for the (Dirt Wurx USA) guys.”

According to Winkler the website blurb leaves out the best part of the story, though. “The rally driver’s nickname was “Attila” and he was at about nine tenths every second. Plus this whole rally adventure took place on the public roads, (and the occasional front yard, driveway, flower garden, etc.) in the middle of the night!”

Check out the Komlo Dirt Park facility at: www.dirtpark.hu (Make sure to click the “English” tab up top.) Note: Photos of the Dirt Wurx USA-built track can be advanced by clicking on the right side of the photo.

From there Winkler and his crew hopped a jet and got to the UK just in time to spread the dirt around Sheffield’s (UK) Hallam FM Arena for the annual Sheffield Supercross by Futurewest, as they’ve done for a number of years now. The hybrid supercross/arenacross track is constructed over ice, making the slip of the dozer or loader controls potentially worth six figures.

“Sheffield’s always a challenge, but the experience we’ve gained through out the years working on all the AMA Supercross Series tracks plays into our favor,” said Winkler. “We tried to make the track as challenging as possible wit
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