Austin Forkner injures his ribs at Hangtown Motocross

Austin Forkner injures his ribs due to his holeshot device releasing out of the gate prematurely and and having his bars come up and slamming into his chest. This incident caused Forkner to pop some of his ribs out of place which made it hard for Austin Forkner to breath.

Forkner later stated that he it wasn''t worth the risk to catch the leaders and didn’t wanna risk crashing again since he was mid pack.

Hangtown 2k18. First moto was solid all around for my first race back I thought I rode good. Second moto my holeshot device released out of the gate and the bars came up and slammed my chest and kinda popped some ribs out of place which made it hard to breath and then they just started to hurt more and more as the moto went on. Didn’t wanna risk crashing again and really wasn’t worth it since I was like mid pack. Bummer on that one but we’ll be back for Glen Helen. #team35

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